Riding and Ranting – Children In Adult Prison

Is putting a child in adult prison for life without parole ever justice?  How should we respond when a child commits a serious crime?  Why does the United States refuse to sign onto International Treaty regarding the rights of children?  Why are children in the State of Florida more likely to end-up in Adult prison than anywhere else in the developed world? In this episode Abrams considers these and other issues as he rides back to his office from lunch on a beautiful Tallahassee Spring day.

2 thoughts on “Riding and Ranting – Children In Adult Prison

  1. Wow! I’ve just watched your video and thought it was great. I agree 100% that children shouldnt be put into adult prisons. My heart broke when you mention your 17yr old client, life/WOP ? Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you for leaving your comment. I’m happy to know that my story touched you. I will probably talk about this topic more in the future. It’s important to me.

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