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David Abrams
David Abrams

Welcome to Abrams Dicta, a blog that examines the world through the lens of legal theory.  As initially conceived, I expect that this blog will wrestle with the fundamental question of “What is justice?”.  Of course, the answer to such a question is very likely to be highly subjective.  However, I think it’s an important question that must continually be asked.  The Bible tells us, “Justice, Justice, you shall pursue” but it doesn’t assure us that we’ll ever fully attain justice, or that we’ll recognize it when we do.  As a lawyer, I spend my days dealing with questions of law and assisting others in their pursuit of justice.  I often find myself confronted by problems and outcomes that, while lawful under our legal system, appear as injustice to me.  In this blog I expect to sometimes carefully review the reasoning of Courts and Judges for the purpose of determining the values underlying those decisions as I think they are representative of the sacred values of our society.

It is fair to say at the outset that what I write here will be highly influenced by my own perspectives on justice and the world.  I suspect that most who know me would describe me as progressive or liberal.  I identify with the common man or woman much more than I do with the 1%.  Social and economic justice are issues that I am deeply passionate about. I do not come from wealth, but from a proud working-class background.  I am the first person in my family to graduate from college or to become an attorney.   I am also a registered nurse, which influences my perspectives on issues regarding healthcare.  I was raised in a single parent household that was led by my Mother who worked a secretary.  The people I grew up around worked hard to earn merger livings, didn’t have college degrees, and believed deeply in the American dream.  My thoughts on the world are also influenced by my study of Judaism and the writings of the Rabbis as they struggle to determine what justice means to them.  I am, however, deeply averse to religious fundamentalism.  I feel that I occupy a religious middle ground where one must look beyond the simple interpretation and explore the deeper meanings of religious texts.  In other words, I question things a lot and I enjoy the pursuit of a truthful answer.

I describe this blog as exploring issues of life, law, and art.  These are really my passions and for me they are not separate concepts.  I think art is incredibly important in our world.  I see art as the starting place of science, math, technology, and even justice.  Before we can create something, we must be able to imagine it.  Art at its very foundation is the manifestation of imagination.  It is looking at the familiar in a new way and seeing new possibilities.  This is what I try to do in life and in the practice of law.

I also am deeply committed to civil discourse.  My life experiences have taught me, and my religious beliefs encourage me, to look for a spark of divinity in all people.  I share my thoughts and ideas so that others my consider them, not to create conflict.  Although I may question the morality of a public policy or individual actions, it is not my role to sit in judgment of others.