This is an old piece that I wrote a decade ago, but it still holds true to this day.  I’ll bet this rings true for a lot of other husband’s and wives.

There are days when I become convinced that my wife married beneath herself. Forget about the fact that she’s a valedictorian and I never finished high school. Ignore the difference in our economic statuses. Also, ignore that she’s a physician who married a nurse. I really think the reason she married beneath herself is that she notices things and I don’t.

I was reminded of this fact during a telephone conversation we had this morning. She’s been working out of town for the past couple of weeks, which has left the house and animals in my care. I gather she draws little comfort from my watching over things by the fact that she regularly asks me about things like whether or not I fed the cats or have even seen the cats. Usually when she’s gone, I get a list reminding me of things to be done, and other tasks that I suspect have been added for the distinct purpose of “keeping me out of trouble”. Granted, I did adopt a Rottweiller once while she was away, but I’d hardly consider that “trouble”, so I really don’t know where she gets that idea. Besides, I was engaged in the task of buying dog food at the PetsMart at the time I agreed to adopt the Rottie.

Before I digress any further, let me get back to this morning’s phone call. One of the items on the current list is to wash the curtains. She says there’s dust on them and that this is not a good thing. I suppose she’s correct and not wanting a second divorce, I tried to accommodate her by taking down the curtains and washing them. She asked me about my progress on this task during our morning telephone conversation today and I told her the curtains had been washed and I put them back up in the kitchen and the bedroom. It was at this point that she told me we didn’t have curtains in the bedroom. I argued that we must, since there is a curtain rod, and they look right hanging there. She then pointed out that we have two windows in the kitchen and when I thought about it, realized this was probably true. I guess I’d just never noticed whether or not there were curtains in the bedroom or a second window the kitchen.

Of course, she notices other things that I miss. There was the debate about whether or not we have a medicine chest in the bathroom. I said no, she said yes. I knew we have one of those big mirrors affixed directly to wall, so I figured no medicine chest. She actually noticed that there was one hanging on the side wall in the bathroom. I pointed out that it was on her side of the sink, so how was I supposed to know it was there. She just rolled her eyes and said something about me being oblivious. I’d argue this is an unfair characterization and speculate that lots of people don’t know they have medicine chests in their bathroom.

As for the curtains in the bedroom, I ran out to Target this afternoon and bought curtains for the bedroom windows. I think they look really great, although I didn’t really measure before I bought them (who knew?), so they might not be quite the right size. I wonder if she’ll notice?